Caliber Reducer Converter for Bridge Loading Gun

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The converter kit, same as for the revolvers, is a drop-in system, meaning that the
kit can be installed in any breach loading shotgun in the same manner as a shotgun
shell is loaded into a shotgun. Most of all, the gun doesn't have to be altered in
order to receive this kit. As a drop-in system, no tools are required for installation
and it is easily removable.

It has many advantages, as a single shot breach loading shotgun, it can be used to
fire a shotgun shell, then with the converter kit in place, it can be used to fire safely
a .22cal rim fire cartridge, a .22cal magnum, a center fire pistol round, a smaller
shotgun shell. A double barrel shotgun over or under or side by side can be
converted to a combination gun. Combinations are .22 magnum/12 or any other
gauges ; a larger gauge can be converted to a smaller gauge, 12 gauge to 410 gauge,
10 gauge to 20 or 410 gauge or any other possible combinations, includes shotgun shell,
rim fire cartridge, or center fire pistol cartridge. It is great for hunting and target shooting.
Loaded with 22. short or 22. primer load it is perfect for gallery shooting.


The converter is composed of four simple components: dummy cartridge, barrel sleeve, retaining nut and snap on adjustable rear sight.  All this convienently can be manufactured on computerized numerical controlled machine.  Only a minumum worker power is involved.

U.S. Patent #
6,513,274  (Click # to View)                                                                                                                                            (Patent for Sale or Lease)







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